Friday, August 31, 2007

summer favorites...

I was just recording some of our summer favorites in the kid's journals and thought I'd share a few. We'd love to hear your fav's from this season!

music: anything from Michael Franti, 'Sons and Daughers' -M. Ward (thanks Annie!), 'Why Can't We Be Friends'

kids' books: Owen & Mzee (awesome!), Frog and Toad, Hooray for Diffendoofer Day, the books Ben made in school, any firefigher/rescue book (Ben), Very Hungry Caterpiller (Desi), I could go on forever...

movie: Bridge to Terrabithia (gave Desi this summer's catch phrase*) and the movie David made on his visit this summer "Train Ride to Boston"

catch phrase:
Desi: "Free the Pee! Free the Pee!"* (great potty training mantra)
Ben: "Rock on." (seems to apply to almost anything)

food: blueberries (picked ourselves at URI's farm!) and Del's lemonade

activities: beach, of course (includes beachcombing, boogie boarding, sandcastles, rock climbing...) and backyard bonfires

Ben: firefighters
Desi: dogs

My favorite thing about this summer was watching Benny and Des get even closer (and making brother/sister day official on June 28th!). It's not always easy around here, but at the end of the day, there's nothing better and no place I'd rather be.


ma and pa otter said...

I just love seeing bits of your life out east...I really think you have found the right life full of all the best stuff, people, nature etc. Just love you guys!!
great post...we'll have to come up with some summer favs over at "the otter"

ma and pa otter said...

Happy Birthday To US


sweet cheeks said...

Oh my gosh Rhea what a wonderful photo album you have put together! I feel like I am back East with you guys! Your kids are just precious and your photos are just filled with love!!! We are so happy for you guys! Miss you....keep the photos comin'! One day I will be that organized. :-) Hugs and love to you and your family!

Love ya...Amy, Jamie and Tatiana