Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ben's Summer Highlights.

This summer kept us home for the 4th (Ben's #1 wish for 2010) with manageable fireworks. It's been all about jellyfish for Ben this year - a new exhibit at Mystic dedicated to jellies was well-timed as we had checked out every library book available on the subject.
Occasional naps (look like anyone you know?) and playing in the rain keep things cool.

Desi's Summer Highlights.

We are as busy as ever going wherever the wind takes us this summer. Our stay-cationing has offered daily ocean/pond/pool swims, a few visits to Mystic Aquarium, and (thanks to Desi's driving force) daily yoga/ bike rides/ scootering/ walks/ gardening fill in the gaps and keep us all in motion (our own personal trainer... Jillian Michaels has nothing on Des).
Life around here is pretty full, I guess, and that's how we like it.