Friday, August 31, 2007

summer favorites...

I was just recording some of our summer favorites in the kid's journals and thought I'd share a few. We'd love to hear your fav's from this season!

music: anything from Michael Franti, 'Sons and Daughers' -M. Ward (thanks Annie!), 'Why Can't We Be Friends'

kids' books: Owen & Mzee (awesome!), Frog and Toad, Hooray for Diffendoofer Day, the books Ben made in school, any firefigher/rescue book (Ben), Very Hungry Caterpiller (Desi), I could go on forever...

movie: Bridge to Terrabithia (gave Desi this summer's catch phrase*) and the movie David made on his visit this summer "Train Ride to Boston"

catch phrase:
Desi: "Free the Pee! Free the Pee!"* (great potty training mantra)
Ben: "Rock on." (seems to apply to almost anything)

food: blueberries (picked ourselves at URI's farm!) and Del's lemonade

activities: beach, of course (includes beachcombing, boogie boarding, sandcastles, rock climbing...) and backyard bonfires

Ben: firefighters
Desi: dogs

My favorite thing about this summer was watching Benny and Des get even closer (and making brother/sister day official on June 28th!). It's not always easy around here, but at the end of the day, there's nothing better and no place I'd rather be.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Ben has become quite the boogie boarder this year. He could spend all day, every day in the water...I love it! We are in the surf every chance we get!

Doesn't this beach look so New England?

This is our summer... can see he likes order in his world.

Desi and her friend/kindred spirit/sitter, Devon...the girls love to play sea monster, covering themselves with mud and roaring at the top of their lungs!

We've spent a LOT of time at the beach this year - the CA transplants have found an awesome beach: easy to get to, a stones throw from home, decent surf, clean water and parking so close it's embarassing. Even Paul gets to the beach more than he did in SD! Who'da thought?!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Desi goofing with Mike

Having a hard time turning this one right side up...eeesh.

More fun at camp!

Is that Minnie Mouse?

Passed out...

Our friend Mike was back from London for a visit and we met him at camp to swim, boat, hang out. Benny had so much fun he fell asleep sitting up.

Clay Camp

This was our first group of clay campers this summer. They REALLY got into it...they were working the recycled clay each day - here they are elbow deep in slip (hard to see on the picture). What an awesome group!

Tandem Throw

I told Eden and Grace about Mudfest in San Diego and they wanted to try their hand(s) at tandem throwing. Actually, they did quite well (not surprising as they are joing at the hip most of the time anyway).

"Rock Climbing"

This is what the kids call rock climbing. We explore the critters living around the rocks near our beach. Lots of perimwinkles, mussels, Mama even found a starfish last week!

Daddy and Benny

My boys, too cute, I can't stand it.

Beach days...

Our best days this summer have been spent at our town beach. How cute are these guys?!

Party Animals...

Nance and Brian dropped in for a visit...we must not be very exciting company.
This happens to us a lot.

Grandpoo taking a snooze...

Part lizard? This must be where I get my rock-napping habit from...


Our favorite past-time in Narragansett, also a favorite on Block Island.

Ferry Ride

It was a little windy on the ride over but gorgeous once we got there!

Heading to the Block Island Ferry...

We went to Block Island this summer with Grandma and Grandpa. Such an awesome trip - we caught a quick ferry down the road and spent an afternoon exploring this awesome little island...